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Nine Inch Nails – Live from rehearsals

The forthcoming USA tour for Nine Inch Nails is entitled “Lights In The Sky”, they’ll no doubt be playing some songs from the new “The Slip” album.

As part of the rehearsals for the tour, they’ve been filming the studio time, and have released a video  clip on Pitchfork.tv.

…the first of three exclusive videos filmed during rehearsals for their upcoming tour, we get a private glimpse of Nine Inch Nails as they careen through a live rendition of 1,000,000.

Click here to view.


Will be an awesome tour, if this clip is anything to go by.   Great high-definition video too, and sounds great.

Let’s hope they’re planning a trip to Australia – maybe for Big Day Out 2009 ??


UPDATE : Another video clip released on Pitchfork :

Live From Rehearsals: Letting You

** Pitchfork.tv Exclusive **

The second of three exclusive filmed performances by Nine Inch Nails in preview of their upcoming tour. Directed by Rob Sheridan.

Click here to view the new clip for “Letting You”


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  1. […] and I went riding on the freeway and there was even more Nine Inch Nails happenings – Nine Inch Nails – Live from rehearsals, Tour Artists Sampler […]

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