Pixel Art TV commercial

One of the blogs & websites I like to follow is for eBoy, who create isometric pixel art, fairly unique with today’s high-end graphics and “High Definition” everything.

Christian Aid Week

Their latest effort is an animation for a TV commercial.  The designs were created in PhotoShop, and then animated using Flash.

The TV spot is to raise awareness, and generate donations to the Christian Aid Agency within UK.

British ad agency SHOP recently tapped the director trio known as PAM and London-based studio FINISH to bring a TV spot for Christian Aid Week to life.

The designs for the ad were illustrated by EBOY in Photoshop, and then animated by Richard Mitchelson in Flash. Flame artist Jason Watts then composited the final piece.

Flash Animated Christian Aid Ad

Click here to see the video clip (YouTube).

Some more details about “Project Honduras” can be found here (PAM).


The eBoy site also has some posters, and pixel art available to order, or just use as desktop wallpaper.   Here’s a few of my favourites :

Click here to see (lots more) posters & pixel art from eBoy.

The Foobar poster is probably my favourite – see if you can identify some Web 2.0 logos and company names :


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