Pre re-MIX

With the ReMIX-08 conference in a day or so, I’ve been following the #auremix hashtag on twitter, and getting a bit excited to see some Silverlight, IE-8 and Live Mesh and so on.

I’ve been poking about for samples and tutorials about Silverlight, and planning to get a K2 client event page within a Silverlight ASP.NET interface.  K2-RIA – yay !

Have found some great samples thus far, from the Community samples.

First up, a Silverlight version of the Microsoft Surface interface, in which you can move photos around, and resize/spin them – very cool.

Silverlight Surface


3D Earth User Interface

A mouse-controllable three dimensional virtual terrestrial globe viewer-like web-application user interface(UI) designed for Microsoft® Silverlight™ 2 Beta 1.

Microsoft Silver 2 Control Demo Page

Show about 20 different controls, similar to how the AJAX control kit showed off.   This will be invaluable as a reference for the K2-SL page.

There are many, many samples – most of which have a download link – some are view only.  

Here’s a few quick links :

… and some games too :

Obviously, you’ll need Silverlight 2 to view any of the samples above (well, derr !)  

Click here for runtimes, and SDK (developer tools).


One thought on “Pre re-MIX

  1. wow, great post.

    silverlight surface is awesome. (never had i thought i could do it on my desktop after seeing microsoft surface computing video on techcruch)

    visifire is incredible.

    thanks for sharing

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