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Echoing the plex

Trent Reznor is mixing up the “music distribution” chain again – this time, using FaceBook – to release the new Nine Inch Nails single entitled “Echoplex”.

The second of NIN’s new free releases has come out, through a FaceBook program.

As with the previous song, “Discipline”, the song file contains full lyrics, a cryptic image to accompany the song and the message “Go to http://www.nin.com on May 5th”..

Digg – Nine Inch Nails release new song : Echoplex

The FaceBook program is an “app” that uses www.ilike.com

Click here to have a listen.   There’s a video too – click here (YouTube).

The Echoplex song will (probably/definately) be available to download as MP3 format from May 5th on www.nin.com – check back tomorrow.


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