Live Mesh – First Touch

Windows Live Mesh – what’s it like ?

Well, after pestering some folk for an invite, I was *in*.   I had to jump through a few hoops to Install – as follows.

The basic premise is that the Live Mesh infrastructure is a cloud-based file synchronizing solution – allowing you to move files easily between home PC, work PC and mobile device (although, Mobile and Mac are listed as coming soon).

Live Mesh puts you at the center of your digital world, seamlessly connecting you to the people, devices, programs, and information you care about— available wherever you happen to be.

Read more here :

The first stop is the “Windows Live Desktop”, where you can create folders, and invite other people to be a “member” :



Of course, the main feature of Live Mesh is the ability to add devices to your “mesh” – here’s a view of the devices page :



In order to setup the “device”, you must download and install the client software.   This is where I had a few issues – and needed some changes to settings to get it working :

Product does not support running under an elevated administrator account or with UAC disabled.


When you click the link “Get more help” – this is what’s shown :


I had to change the settings on my local PC, to turn UAC back on – as my new laptop had been configured with this turned off.

Control Panel > User Accounts > Turn User Account Control on or off


After re-booting, and trying to install, I had an error stating that I wasn’t using the “US English” version of Live Mesh :

This product can be installed on US English versions of Windows XP Service Pack 2 (32-bit) and Vista (32-bit and 64-bit)


It turns out that this is due to the “locale” of my PC – not set to English (United States). 

Thanks Long Zheng from I Started Something, who described the fix :

If you live outside of the United States and have just received a Live Mesh invite, your excitement may have been watered by those little words telling you you cannot install the Live Mesh desktop client onto your computer because it is not using US-English.

How to install Live Mesh client on non-US systems

Just had to change my “locale”, and re-boot – and could then install Live Mesh client.

There is now a small blue circle in the Taskbar, which then shows the Live Mesh “pane” – with three icons on the lower left :

  • View recent news
  • View devices
  • View recent folder activity


It all looks and feels a bit like “Groove” which is what the concept is based on – thanks to Ray Ozzie at Microsoft.

Will have to have a bit more of a play, and load up some file, synchronise between home, cloud and office – and invite some people to join.

There are some bits to come – aside from the “mobile” and “Mac” versions.   You can’t drag-and-drop yet – but it’s only a Tech Preview :


Will be great to see the Silverlight and AJAX improvements with future versions – pretty cool so far, not earth-shattering, but very promising indeed.


One thought on “Live Mesh – First Touch

  1. Juan C. July 12, 2008 / 10:44 am

    do you have anu invites left you can send me?

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