1/2 birthday + Cameraon

Aside from being the ANZAC day long weekend, the 25th of April is a 1/2 birthday for Liam – he’s now 6 months old.

Has been an eventful few months for him :

  • Plaster on his left leg – changed weekly


  • Full anaesthetic for operation to snip Achilles’ Heel
  • Another plaster for 3 weeks
  • Plaster removed !  
  • Into “boots & bar” for 23 hours a day for 3 months


  • Keep wearing boots & bar till age of FOUR !

He’s an a amazing little guy – still lots of laughs & smiles, and he’s even worked out how to roll over while wearing the boots & bar – in less than a week.

And – he loves his big brother Cameron, laughing at his antics, and staring open-mouthed as he goes racing around the house.  

Last night, Cameron was simply jumping off his kitchen step, and Liam was laughing aloud.

We thought we’d have some cake to celebrate his first 6 months – and sang “Happy 1/2 Birthday To You”…

IMG_4605 IMG_4609

Of course, Cameron is action packed also – currently flying his “American Airlines” model plane around the study – and landing on my head.

And cars, cars, cars – last night we were reading a picture book of supercars, and he was saying the words “Koenigsegg” and “Lamborghini Murcielago” – and he knows which is which (not just guessing either).

He was helping me at Bunnings yesterday – carrying some wood back to the car.   Very cute to see a three year old carrying a one metre treated pine beam on his shoulder – helping Daddy !

We have an old digital camera that we’ve been letting Cameron use – only has a 64MB memory card !    He’s worked out how to turn it on, wait for the “loading” screen (he just says “menu, waiting”) – and has been taking lots of pictures.

Even worked out how to move his fingers out of the way when taking a shot !    But – there have been close-ups of the laundry basket, the dog’s nose and a Hot Wheels car on the carpet – even a self-portrait.   


His name could be changed to “Camera-on” (Cameron !).  Maybe he’ll be a great photographer in years to come – who knows !   After all, his mummy & daddy met at a photography course.  

For now – we have to remind him to turn the camera off – so that the batteries don’t go flat !  

Thanks to both you lads, for lots of love & laughter – Cameron & Liam – my nerd army (in training) !


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