Do the mesh, the monster mesh

A web-based live desktop – that’s how the new Microsoft Live Mesh is being touted as.   The new Software+Services architecture being extended to home users and developers alike.

The ability to synchronise files (photos, documents, etc) between home PC, mobile, work PC, home media centre, etc – this is the “dream”.

Live Mesh is both a development platform and a folder-sharing and synchronizing service for end users, according to Amit Mital, general manager of Live Mesh.

From a Web-based Live Desktop, users can set devices or PCs to have access to different folders stored both on the devices and on the Web.

This will run on any PC or device connected to the internet – and will be available for Mac’s also.

Once a device or PC is activated, users can set what folders from that machine they want to be stored online.

If they update folder content in Live Mesh, devices and PCs on the mesh will be updated with the changes the next time they are connected to the Web.

Similarly, if information is changed locally on the device, then once the device goes online again, folders will be synchronized across devices on the entire mesh.


Here’s a bunch of articles worth a read-thru :

There’s a bunch of videos as well – click here to see (MSDN).

At the moment, only a Tech Preview :

Here, there, everywhere

Live Mesh puts you at the center of your digital world, seamlessly connecting you to the people, devices, programs, and information you care about — available wherever you happen to be.

Get started today. Learn more.

Just need to sign-in to Windows Live (or Passport, Hotmail), and then ask to join the “waiting list“.   OK – I filled in my name, and email address – and then saw this…

Note: Live Mesh Tech Preview is currently available in the US only.

If you are not located in the US, we’ll contact you when a version is available in your country/region.


More to come, no doubt – hope I get an invite to join the Tech Preview !   

(might have to move to America though)


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