Random stuff seen in USA

Have found some more photos on the camera phone, from last week in Denver, Colorado.  

I often forget I’ve taken these pics – quick-snaps of something funny or interesting :

Gas Station Beverages

About 1/2 hour after driving off, we stopped into a petrol station to grab a drink, and noticed that you can buy beer – at a petrol station – only if you’re over 21 of course.


The other odd thing is that my friend was “carded” to buy cigarettes – even though he is over 30 – he had to go back to the truck to grab his passport !

Good Morning View

By the time I arrived at the ski chalet, it was 11.15pm.  Could see that there was snow about, but couldn’t see any more than that.  Imagine my surprise when I peeked through the curtains and saw this :


Big Breakfast

Following the conference, I “went out for pancakes” – and couldn’t believe the SIZE of what arrived in front of me.   A stack of three pancakes was only $4.99 as well.


For Dummies

Following breakfast, we went to a bookshop, which was huuuuge – including aisles of Spanish language books, and the biggest “self-help” section I’ve ever seen.   Ruben was amazed to see a “Depression For Dummies” :


Is that a raccoon on your head ?!?


Burger King vs McDonalds

In Australia, Burger King is known as “Hungry Jacks” – someone told me that it’s because McDonald’s took a copyright on the name “Burger King”.

The gloves are off in the battle of the burger – I saw this poster at the airport, basically saying “our burgers are bigger” :


More T-Shirts

A shop in Denver had many, many comedy T-Shirts, which I just took a picture of the best ones – rather than buy them !    (didn’t have any room in my suitcase)

200804111056_00221 200804111050_00214 200804111051_00215 200804111052_00216 200804111053_00217 200804111054_00218 200804111055_00219 200804111055_00220

A few good laughs – I nearly bought the “teople poo” one – very funny !


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