Tidy Desktop

Aside from all the great K2 and SharePoint bits this week, there was another tip from a K2 Insider that I thought was kinda cool.

If you’re one of those developers or users who have 40,000+ icons on their desktop, it can look pretty cluttered when plugging into a projector – for a presentation.  I’ve been in meetings where people have said “woah !  lotsa icons”.

And you can sometimes get a vibe/feel for the person – if you see shortcuts for stuff like Visual Basic 6.0, or even something like SpongeBob SquarePants Counting For Kids – is there a perception/1st impression in your mind ?   

Or – is this just general clutter – or could this person a bit “disorganised” ?!?

Anyway – if you want to AVOID that (and here comes the tip) – you can quickly turn off (hide) all desktop icons – and re-show them when you’re back to your desk.

How simple is this…>


  • Just need to right-click on the desktop
  • Click/hover on “View”
  • Click “Show Desktop Icons”
  • Just click it again to toggle OFF/ON

OK – so it’s not such a fancy tip – but something I hadn’t seen or used before – and apparently it’s also in Windows XP – not just a new Windows Vista feature.

Thanks to K2 Insider Edgardo Vega for that little tip !


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