Bringing Cake ?

As part of the office culture at SDM, there are a number of “cakeable” offences.  This simply requires the individual to bring cake for morning tea for the all the other workers. 

This includes passing an exam/certification, having a birthday, announcing pregnancy (been a *LOT* of those recently – with three new additions in October).

As part of letting people know who to expect cake from, there is an email send-out, to let people know it’s someone’s birthday.

Some cool + fun technology, just an email “body” constructed using the person’s first name and last name – and (probably) a scheduled task or SQL job that checks dates within Active Directory.

BUT – what do you think would happen if there were some “service accounts” in Active Directory also ?    Kinda standard setup for SQL Server, SharePoint, K2, BizTalk, etc.


Today is Service Account BizTalk Production’s Birthday!

Hey Service Account

Happy Birthday from all of us at SDM!
Hope your day is a good one…

Somehow, I don’t think they’ll be bringing any cake !



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