Snowy Wookie

Have definitely arrived in Colorado, with snow everywhere !

Was a tough drive up to Silverthorne, dark & snowy, and navigating our way.  I drove for some of the trip, first time in a right-hand vehicle.   We were lucky to be upgraded from a sedan to a Nissan Frontier (crew-cab truck).

Lots of snow on the ground when we arrived at the cabin, but couldn’t really see much (11 pm).  Straight to bed – and slept – after a 30 hour trip from Melbourne.

Next morning, I had a look outside :

1-View-From-Cabin1 2-View-From-Cabin2


Very cold – but some amazing scenery.   Today was skiing day – at Vail.

Quick stop at McDonald’s (McSnow ?) – and onto the interstate (I-70).

3-McSnow 4-Behind-McSnow

Was some treacherous roads, we saw three accidents in about 3 miles, with one car on it’s roof in a ditch.   Just people going too fast, and icy roads.   Even semi-trailer trucks had stopped to put chains on.

Was a rush to hire some snow gear (skis, boots, poles, pants) – and up the gondola for group ski lessons. 

The rest of the guys all had their own gear, and are experienced skiers – and went off to some trails – with a “see ya later”.

Here’s the view from the Gondola ride up the mountain :


Met up with group lesson at Eagles Nest (P-5 on map) – was 8 people in total, mainly from USA – Florida, Kentucky, California.

Dunno if the ski bunny looks suits me – what d’ya think ?


Spent a few hours on techniques, and skied down a short section to a chairlift.   Up again, and more discussions with the “ski coach” (as he called himself) – and zoomed down again, through some powder, repeat x20+.

 7-Vail-3 8-Vail-4

Here are some more shots of Vail – heading back down the mountain, and the view from the “village” at the bottom :

9-Vail-5 10-Vail-6

Was pretty knackered by the end of the day – sore & a bit sun-burnt – and cold too !    And had a headache too – a bit dehydrated, and from the altitude also – 11,500 feet (3,800 metres) !!

The tallest mountain in Australia is Mt. Kosciuszko – only 7,310 feet (2,228 metres) !   

Mt Buller is 5,600 feet (1,707 metres) – and Falls Creek is about 4,500 feet (1,500 metres).

The town we’re staying at the moment (Silverthorne) is at 9,305 feet (2,754 metres) – and Denver is 5,280 feet – nearly as high as Mt.Buller.  

They call it the “Mile-High City” – as it’s a full MILE above sea level.

After getting back home from skiing, 6 of us bundled into the huuuge Chevy Suburban – and went for dinner (11 people in total) to a Mexican place, some margarita’s, and home to bed about 10.30 pm (exhausted).

Today (Monday) is just a hang-out day, four people with laptops out on kitchen table, working away.   And drive down to Denver this afternoon – with a mixer tonight to kick-off the K2 Insider Conference.

Has already been some great networking, and discussion with folk, over dinner and in the car.   A rowdy & fun-loving Kiwi (who greeted me with the obligatory “who brought the fvcken Aussie ?!?”) – and my driving buddy from England, who is originally from South Africa.   And a bunch of American’s (of course).

More to follow – been a busy few days !


One thought on “Snowy Wookie

  1. Andy April 8, 2008 / 7:52 am

    Looks like you’re having a ball – I’m jealous as all hell of course. Some of those shots look like the front cover of Kyuss’ “And the circus leaves town” – very cool. Have an awesome time, and keep the updates coming!

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