No, not gotten lost – I’m now *in* Denver International Airport (DIA).  

Get it…?     In DIA…!     he he…

An amazing airport – great facilities, and nice structure.   Makes LAX look old & crappy (which it is – and being renovated).

This is what I’m looking at to my left…>

Denver International Airport terminal.jpg

Was a rough landing, almost had to divert to Colorado Springs to refuel after circling for over 1/2 hour.

But – a break in the weather, and was able to land.

BUT – my K2 buddy who’s meeting me here HAD to divert to Colorado Springs, and so will get in 2 hours after me, instead of 1/2 hour before me.

Oh well – rang the wife+boys – and will go grab a coffee, and something to eat. 

It was 10 am at home (MELB) – and have been on the go since 7 am the morning before – about 27 hours so far…!

We’re driving up to the mountains for skiing tomorrow – gotta get a car, and 1.5 hour drive – so will be about 8 – 8.30 pm when I get some zzzz’s.   

Won’t have any trouble sleeping after 30 hour day – and should kill the jetlag straight away !


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