The IT industry is rife with TLA’s (three letter acronyms) – and even ETLA’s(extended three letter acronyms).

Have recently heard of another one I wasn’t aware of – LAMP – with reference to programmers / developers – ie. someone who is a LAMP developer.

It stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

I guess that means that I would be a WISA developer :

Windows, IIS, SQL Server and ASP.NET

…if you follow the same “food chain” of operating system, web server, database server, and web development language/tools.

Spare a thought for those dudes who use MySQL and PHP within a Windows Server environment – Windows, IIS, MySQL, PHP – they’d be a WIMP !

Or – for those Apple-fans, using Leopard, Apache, MySQL and EJB (Enterpise Java Beans) – that would make them LAME…!    (how appropriate ?)

OK – enough chocolate for the day – a bourbon or two may “improve matters”, me thinks…    🙂


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