Motor Show w/Cameron

Yesterday, I went along to the Melbourne International Motor Show with Cameron – and my mate Peter with his boy Josh.  

Cameron and Josh both have matching Ferrari jackets !    (both items of clothing were authentically purchased in China)

P2160017 P2160018

One of the stars of the show was the $2m+ Bugatti Veyron.   Cameron loves this car from seeing it on Top Gear, in which they drove it up to it’s top speed of 407 km/h !  

It’s got an 8.0 litre W-16 engine (two V8’s bolted together) – with FOUR turbo’s !    And an engine output of 736 kW (1001 hp) !!

There’s not enough room on my blog to describe how amazing this car is.

Was great to see it up close and personal.   The thing that struck me first was how short in length it was.   But, nearly the same width !

Check out that sign next to the car – 0-100 in 2.5 sec, and 0-200 in 7.3 sec !

P2160021 P2160020

Lots of wandering – and many more cars were to follow – not sure if Cameron likes this car more – or Daddy !   (Audi A5)


And – Josh and Cameron both loved the Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s.

 P2160032 P2160034 P2160035 

And – the boys even got a photo with some GRID GIRLS !


Daddy (me) really liked the Audi’s (of course) – but more realistically, the new Ford Fiesta Zetec – and Ford Focus Zetec

The best “real” car for me was the new Subaru Impreza – will look at one of those when the time comes to replace my 12 year old Ford Festiva (*fingers crossed*).

Josh & Peter were keen to see the new Ford Falcon – but there was a huuuge crowd around the cars – and even a 1/2 hour wait for brochures/posters !   A trip to the Ford dealer will have to suffice, they’ll have the same brochures & all.

Was a fun day out – Cameron nodded off in the car on the way home – sore legs from walking, and climbing in and out of all those cars – and probably had sore fingers from pushing EVERY button in sight ! 


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