Reach for the sky

While the space race has essentially been run-and-won, the battle for high-tech and “bigger is best” is now related to SKY-SCRAPERS.

Even after September-11, in which two buildings were sent tumbling to the ground.  Oddly, it seems even MORE of a challenge to out-do with new and funky architecture and taller, Taller, TALLER.

Within Melbourne, the Rialto is over 20 years old, opening in 1985 – and was the tallest tower in town.

Now – the Eureka tower has surpassed the Rialto – in 2004, when it passed the 235 metre mark (during construction) – and levelled off at 300m.

My favourite “big building” is the Petronas Twin Towers (official site), in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  We visited there on our honeymoon in 2003, and walked along the skydeck linking the two buildings.  

Amazing glass & silver – like two candles – spectacular at nighttime.

KLCC twin towers1.JPG twintower

Why this sudden fascination in tall buildings ?

Well – I saw a blog post at The Best Article Every day (RSS) .

Top 9 unique structures soon to be built

Check out these amazing constructions – underway, or simple in planning phase.   Some awesome architecture & design at work.

Of course, the biggest and best is located in Dubai – the Burj Dubai will be over 800m tall – nearly 3x the tallest in Melbourne !

Also – check out CTBUH – Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, with details of new skyscapers in Russia, India and China.



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