Problems installing Visual Studio 2008 on Vista x64

After a year or so of using Windows Vista, in various Beta’s and then RTM, my PC was in need of a re-format – lots of random errors, and slooow in parts.  Too many other beta install’s / uninstall’s.

Decided to go for Windows Vista x64 this time, following some “encouraging” words from blurg (the comment was “…so you’re finally taking the x64 plunge, took your time you wh00sey!!”)

I was pleasantly surprised (and amazed) at how smoothly & trouble-free the installation was.   Thankfully, I’d borrowed a “wired” keyboard, as my Bluetooth wireless KB and mouse wouldn’t have worked during install.

No driver problems, everything detected, was online immediately – just easy.

Although, I did have a blue screen when plugging in my Toshiba Gigabeat MP3 player – had to re-boot, of course.   Tried it again (a little nervously) and all worked OK – not sure what happened, but it’s been fine since then.

I started installing some programs – Office-2007, Virtual PC, and so on – all OK so far.  Then – I ran into a nasty problem with Visual Studio 2008 Professional.

The installation would proceed for a while, and then show lots of red error flags & warnings – unable to install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (pre-requisite).

I re-booted, re-tried and still no luck.

Bear in mind that this was a clean, brand-new installation – less than 24 hours old, with all latest updates applied – shouldn’t be a problem.

From some hunting about on Google, I kinda stumbled/guessed upon the notion that one of those updates might actually be the cause of the problem.

I am running Vista 64-bit English, brand new install (only two hours old) and my update settings are to download but notify… NOT install.

Yet, while installing Visual Studio, Windows Update pops up saying I need to reboot for my updates to take affect. I never told it to install anything.

Hotfix for Windows (KB110806)

There’s also some confusion about what this KB (knowledge base) patch or update is actually for.

Anyone know what this update is? The link to MS gives: “The article you are looking for is currently not available”.

Hotfix for Windows (KB110806)

It turns out that this particular hotfix is a bit wrong in it’s naming – and it’s actually a service pack, not a hotfix :

Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 1 (x64)

…provides cumulative roll-up updates for customer reported issues found after the release of Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.

In addition, this release provides security improvements, and prerequisite feature support for .NET Framework 3.0 Service Pack 1, and .NET Framework 3.5.

Problems that are fixed in the .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 1

Well – I thought it couldn’t hurt to remove it, right ?    *eek*

So – I (bravely) uninstalled this particular “hotfix” – and had to re-boot.

Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features > Installed Updates

Just locate the KB110806 in the list, and uninstall.

After the re-boot, then installation of Visual Studio 2008 proceeded – and was successful !

And – from looking at the updates list afterwards, it looks like the KB110806 has been re-applied during installation of VS-2008.

Not sure if this affects any Vista-32, or Windows XP installations – but that was the answer for me, at least.

So – having problems with Visual Studio 2008, due to .NET 3.5 ? 

Just uninstall KB110806 – and then re-try installing VS-2008.  



15 thoughts on “Problems installing Visual Studio 2008 on Vista x64

  1. Hi and thanks for this post!
    I also just made the leap to x64 and hit the same snag. After reading your post I tried a different approach. I happened to have a copy of the offline installer for .Net Framework 3.5.
    Without uninstalling KB11006 I simply installed the Framework first, rebooteed and then installed Visual Studio 2008 – also worked like a charm.

  2. Same problem here.
    I din’t have this problem when running xp or vista 32.

    Thanks for the “hotfix” ๐Ÿ˜›


  3. Hi, I have been trying to install VS 2008 on Vista and have found the same problem. Another problem is the file KB110806 is not installed. I have checked some other posts – mentioning about deleting KB930264 and KB929300. But, none of these are installed on my system. I am unable to understand what could be the problem. Help..

  4. it happened to me too. I installed a fresh vista 64bit and trying to install visual studio 2008 before I’m install everything else but getting the error x64bit preques.. things.. Help

  5. Before intalling VS2008 on my Vista Ultimate x64 I checked if there are no problems with this. After reading this article I checked updates there already was .NET x64, so instalation was without problem, at beginnig it tells that x64 .NET is installed it would not be installed. So is enough to make all needed updates an VS2008 will run without problems on Vista x64.

  6. I had successfully installed VS 2008 and 2008 on my Toshiba Notebook running Vista Ultimum. Then I decided to do a Help/Get Updates, which took me to the Microsoft VS 2008 site. There I hit Download Now then Install.
    That is the last time I saw my computer alive. All it has been doing since is two operations: boot and reboot. In between, it tells me it is doing update 3 of 3 0%, which changes suddenly to update 3 of 3 96%. Then it dies and re-incarnates. Over and over and over like the eveready battery commercial. Bill Gates should never have fired some one of those 5000 employees!

  7. I’m a beginner i the industry. Do you guys need to install a server (virtual PC or Virtual server 2005) on vista 64 bits before installing Visual studio 2008? on ms website, Virtual PC or Virtual server 2005 is a required software before installing visual studio 2008. But all my installation attempts of Virtual PC or Virtual server 2005 have failed. I use preferably Vista 64 bits, but i have also tried to install on Vista 32 bits (less memory)

  8. Buenos a todos los q tengan problemas de instalacion de VS 2008 solo tienen que irse a ejecutar y pergar esto:

    msiexec /x {30120000-0044-0C0A-0000-0000000FF1CE}

    Buenos manes y si tienen VS2005 mi recomendacion esque utilizen VS2008, ES SUPER MEJOR EN TODOS LOS SENTIDOS

  9. HI CHRIS.

    You should be awarded a gold medal. I’ve been a University b4 and did a HND in Hospiality MGT. The only good option was Applied IT. It was then that I had an aptitude 4 computers both hard & software. In 2008 I built my own PC 64 bit system and took it from there. I’ve decided to return to University in Sept to do a BSc in Computing, and in the meantime, I’m doing 2 open learning courses in ICT. The A+ and Visual basic programming. I have Win 7 64 on 1 HDD and Vista 64 on the other HDD. I tried to install MS Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition. And all I got was a sh^t load of RED CROSSES. I was getting well frustrated. Rang my course tutor, he didn’t have a clue. Nor did I until I saw your article on Grumpy Wookie. It was so, so simple to understand, I couldn’t believe it. I downloaded MS .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 1 (x64). When SP1 Downloaded, I followed your instructions to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features > Installed Updates. I then located the KB110806 in that list, and installed it. I was told that I had to reboot the system for configurations to take place and then had another go at installing the MS Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition, and chose to install the full version. And guess what??? the whole program installed perfectly, without any problems & annoying RED FLAGS.

    It is thoughtful, intelligent people like yourself that helps keep the PC world alive, cause without your article, I would have been in sh:t street, not knowing where to turn to.

    Chris I would like to say thanks very much for being so thoughtful with sharing your experience/knowledge, it was so kind & thoughtful for you to do so.

    Can I just finish by saying once again thanks, you’ve saved my life, (if you know what I mean) and all the best for the future especially if it is connected to the world of computing, and keep writing those concise articles, that’s what we all need.

    Many thanks & kind regards

  10. I’m having a problem with MS Visual Developer Express 2008, (OS = Windows Vista) hoping you can either resolve it or refer me to someone who can.

    VDE appears to cache previous versions of files somewhere and does not detect the updated version of the same file. For example, if I change, say, a background color from red to green in the .css file, save the file, even close it; then View In Browser — the red is still there. It only finds the update if I copy the entire theme directory, with a new name.

    I have also discovered that it isn’t finding the revised version of a .jpg file (with a smaller image size) in the Images directory (as a background-image). It only sees the change if I copy and rename the .jpg file.

    What’s going on? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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