Heroes Happen Here – sneak peak

With the “simultaneous” launch of Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008 happening soon – there are a number of launch events – simply entitled Heroes Happen Here (HHH).

Never mind that Windows Server has just been launched, and Visual Studio was available end of 2007 (!) – and SQL-2008 is yet to RTM.   I guess it’s a launch “party” rather than specific software.

The HHH events are conference style – with developer, infrastructure & security tracks.

In just one day, experience & learn about the tools you need to deliver the next generation of secure, flexible applications.

  • Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 & Visual Studio 2008
  • Dedicated Security & Management track
  • Expert speakers
  • Interactive live demonstrations

Click here to see the agenda

…and Heroes Happen {Australia}

There is also a new HHH website – still under construction – but some great looking Silverlight interfaces – including a “sponsors hall”.

The Virtual Launch Experience will include the keynote from Steve Ballmer – on Feb 27th – click here for a sneak peek thus far.

Try out the “partners” area for some cool Silverlight – going to be great when it’s all launched.

There are a bunch of trial & RC/CTP version to download – and get started.  Don’t blame me if you blow your ISP quota !!    Click here.

And – there’s even a HHH comic strip !   Click here to see.   (There’s a RSS feed too).

Anyone remember the L.O.V.E. events (Launch Office, Vista & Exchange) ?? 

I wonder who came up with the HHH name – any correlation to “Triple-H” (from WWE-RAW) ??



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