They’ve pulled the plug on Netscape

As of February 1st, the Netscape Navigator browser is no longer being supported, and no more updates will be released.

This is a sad day, especially to those who used Netscape before Internet Explorer was even around (!)

But – the price of IE (free) and the integration with Windows (95) slowly ate into the market share of Netscape Navigator.  The browser wars were at a peak with the 4.0 browsers – it was an even stoush for a while.

But – then Netscape went “open source” – and created Mozilla – which kinda morphed into Firefox.

Netscape was bought by AOL, and subsequently dwindled away into insignificance.   😦

Who can remember coding different JavaScript & HTML for different browsers ??  Still have to do some custom code these days, but it’s no where near as bad !

Have a look at this screen-shots for some nostalgia !   

I like the comment that it’s “specially tuned to take advantage of Win 95 interface enhancements and features“…



Read more @ :

Netscape: The Browser That Started it All Dies a Quiet Death


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