Club 27

Was sad to hear the news today about Heath Ledger – another drugs related death – too many pills, whether intentional or not.

Especially sad considering he was the father of a two year old baby girl – Matilda.

He was only 28 years old – just over the “dreaded” number of 27.

Someone told me about “Club 27” – meaning that there were a lot of celebrities who had died at the age of 27 – usually drugs related – so I looked a few of them up (from what I’d been told).

How’s this for a list :

And, a few other notables around the same age (mid-20’s) :

And a bit older :

The celebrity life – music especially – seems to be the sex, drugs & rock-n-roll lifestyle.  Some of them don’t make it out alive. 


By the way – did you know that Macauley Culkin is now 27 ?  

And Britney Spears is 26.    

(not saying anything at all – just stating the facts !!)


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