John Connor – no relation

Have been getting into the new TV series entitled Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles.


Basically an extension of the Terminator 2 storyline, with Sarah and John Connor on the run – but now, there’s a different Terminator to protect him. 

Not Arnold Schwarzenegger – it’s actually a female this time – played by Summer Glau.    (her parents were hippies ??!?)

Lots of special effects, action and so forth – and some great laughs too (or was that just me !?)

In one scene, the female Terminator has suffered an electrical shock, and has to wait 120 seconds to re-boot.   But – the bad guy is coming, so Sarah Connor picked her up, and threw her out a 5th floor window !     And landed *smash* onto a parked car in the laneway below.

My uncle is actually called “John” – but he’s John O’Connor – not John Connor.

Another scene I noticed was when John Connor was using a PC in a computer shop – it was a DELL XPS laptop – with Windows Vista.

And when John went to leave the computer shop :


The shop number is actually “1337” – which means “Elite” in Leet-speak !


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