Exciting stuff at CES

Every year, the CES show gets bigger and bigger – that’s the “Consumer Electronics Show”, for those not in the know.

Bill Gates from Microsoft has been involved for over 15 years, and this year is the last he’ll be presenting the “keynote”.

He has always pushed the vision of the automated and connected home – and lately, the XBox, Windows Mobile, Zune and partnership with Ford (cars) has extended this vision.

Each year Microsoft’s connected entertainment vision gets better and better.

By now, you’ve seen the broader picture – Media Centers in the living room, Extenders in the bedroom, Xbox’s in the playroom, Windows Mobile on the hip, and Sync in the car.

Robbie Bach is the guy pushing this ahead (EDD – Entertainment and Devices Division), and has a video/interview here :

Robbie invited us over this morning to talk about what we can expect from the Connected Entertainment experience in 2008 as well as what’s coming in the future

Yes, Surface computers in your house.    (!!!)

Link : On10.net   (approx 15 mins.)

And – they nab Bill Gates for a quick interview prior to all action commencing :

Bill was kind enough to sit down with us this morning and talk about the state of consumer electronics, what he thinks is important, and where this is all going.

Link : On10.net   (approx 7 mins.)

Microsoft have a site detailing their presence at CES, with a funky Silverlight panel also – looks niiice :


And – can have a look at bink.nu for additional coverage.

They have three size’d versions of the Bill Gates keynote – depending on your connection speed :

The 2008 International CES event kicked off Sunday in Las Vegas with a keynote featuring Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates and Robbie Bach, President, Entertainment and Devices Division.

Gates and Bach presented some of the software, devices and technology that are helping to create connected entertainment experiences for people today.

Gates speculated on some of the key technologies that will usher in what he described as the “second digital decade” in the coming years, and also offered a tongue-in-cheek look at what his last day working full-time at Microsoft might look like.

Link :  100k | 300k | 750k    (open in Windows Media Player)

Engadget has a dedicated site – covering lots of the news :


And there’s a blow-by-blow live coverage of the Bill Gates keynote – good for a quick read, rather than the one hour video :

Live from the Bill Gates keynote

There are loads more tid-bits out there regarding the CES show – it’s just started, and sooo much to see/read.  

I’m off to watch the Bill Gates keynote – more later !    🙂


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