Kid’s Corner

Just found the MSDN “Kids Corner” – designed for parents and teachers who looking to start kids learning about how computers and programs work. 

Are you a parent or teacher looking to start your kids learning about how computers and programs work?

Or are you a cool kid who wants to create some fun programs and impress your friends and family with your mad skillz?!

Check out the Kid’s Corner for lots of fun, easy to understand lessons on programming!

Link : MSDN Kid’s Corner

The site contains articles, eBooks, samples and links to other kid-friendly resources.

Can use the free Visual Studio Express versions for most of these samples.  

Here’s a few of the main “articles” :

  • C# For Sharp Kids: This is an e-book that will have you coding C# programs in no time.  The book contains cartoons and easy-to-follow code samples to guide you through creating your own programs.
  • VB For Very Bright Kids: Are you more Visual Basic-ly inclined? This e-book contains easy-to-follow examples and explanations in the Visual Basic programming language.
  • CurliQue Studios: Here’s a way to learn the basics of Web Development with ASP .NET as part of a web design team for your virtual client; who just happens to be a rock band.  This course includes Teacher materials, Student lessons and quizzes.
  • Creating your First Website using HTML: Follow along with the Microsoft DigiGirlz Tech Camp presentation to learn how to use HTML to create your own website.

And there’s a training plan / development tracker – at My Learning PathThis contains many “tiers” of lessons (with videos), and has a Web track and Windows track – well worth a look – over 50 lessons from this site alone.

Might have to print off the first C# eBook, and see how it goes as a bedtime book. 

C# – Cameron# ??     Let’s hope that Liam isn’t a Linux guy !!!?!   (L# ?)


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