Just for fun

As well as the “Kids Corner”, Microsoft have also got a lot of content, and learning examples on the Coding For Fun website (otherwise known as C4F).

Coding4Fun assumes you are at least somewhat familiar with programming fundamentals.

If you’re brand new to programming, we suggest you review the Beginner Developer Learning Center which contains videos, tutorials, and code samples for Windows and Web development. 

A recent addition has been the FDK (Facebook Development Kit) :

Microsoft and Facebook partner to provide a great development experience for the Facebook Platform using Microsoft Popfly and Visual Studio Express Editions.

Do you have a Facebook account and want to do more with it?

Start creating cool, fun Windows and Web applications with the Facebook Developer Kit.

The toolkit offers a huge amount of easy-to-use set of drag ‘n drop controls.

Easy to run samples and easy to follow QuickStart documentation to help you get started.

And the C4F blog has a link to a great article (and 5-part webcast) about Microsoft Robotic Studios, which is also free (even if you don’t have a robot !)

…quite a lot of video content for students and enthusiasts looking to learn Robotics Studio, a free tool from Microsoft that makes robotics fun and easy (even if you don’t have a robot).

Link : Dan Waters

And lastly, all of this “fun” with programming reminded me of an 2006 article by Mitch Denny – entitled The Day Programmer vs. The Night Programmer :

Over the years I’ve come to the belief that there are two kinds of programmer in the world, no matter what technology they work with, lets call them:

        1. Day Programmers
        2. Night Programmers

I think I’m probably a “night programmer” – how about you ?


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