Quick finish (2007) + what’s next (2008) ?

Wow – what a ballistic end to the year – it was full-on in every sense of the word. I just couldn’t seem to keep up.  And sorry to those folk who’ve heard me say (100x) “haven’t had time”.

August/September/October – house renovations, with the arrival of new baby happening end-of-October.  We had a new room built, painted new study, laundry & old room – plaster, sanding, painting, repeat (x 3 rooms) – then move furniture & setup new study + Cameron’s new bedroom.

And continued hectic work life also – and got in some gardening (keeping in check – so it doesn’t look like a “rental”) – and fun/trials with Cameron !

The arrival of Liam was amazing – seems like yesterday, but just over two months ago.   Was a whirlwind of a time – great to have two weeks with family (time off from work).   So much fun with Cameron, he’s a great lad, makes me laugh !    Was tough to go back to work – and some sleepness nights didn’t help much…     *yawn*

Haven’t really caught up again since then (!).   Has been a lot of K2 “beta” stuff that I haven’t even looked at (Black Market / SP1 / SDK), and other SharePoint bits/blogs (SP1 also !), barely even been reading blogs !

Thank God for Twitter – my on-line presence & social outlet !   

I’ve spent a bit of time on FaceBook, but less-and-less now, as my page gets more and more cluttered – with useless notifications and other junk – but I have become addicted to TWITTER !


The last part of December was a brain-buster, with my company SDM being bought by my previous employer DWS !

This kinda knocked me for six – have been on the receiving end of being “bought out” before – and wasn’t nice.   And also, I’ve previously worked for DWS, and know the good, bad and ugly side of things.

I’m assured there will be no major changes – it’s most likely a good move for us – mixed feelings from lots of people – time will tell.  Will just have wait and see what happens.  I’m looking with positive spec’s on.

There (honestly) was some great stuff & great people at DWS – just didn’t like the project I was stuck on for TWO years !    Should hopefully get ahold of some shares within DWS also – could be good “financially” if nothing else. 

Time will tell – and that’s the tough part, not knowing.

2007 Scorecard ?

Anyway, back on track.  How did 2007 end up, compared with how I planned/predicted ?    I also had another post part-way through 2007 – from 1st May.

Work >>  yep, lots more SharePoint and K2 (including becoming K2 Insider !), and completed one exam (and only one !).   Work was 1/3 bespoke project (learnt lots of JavaScript/AJAX/C# etc) – 1/3 doing K2.NET and 1/3 on SharePoint (MOSS).

Rest/Play >> yep, got back to playing squash, although haven’t since Liam was born.  Need to get back to “active” mode – and regain some fitness.   Reading – got through some great books this year (Anthony Keidis, Bourne Betrayal) – but still too much TV !   Download addiction continues. 

House >>  Did much more than planned, with removing trees, backyard re-jig, and new study room.  Still didn’t get to finish the front mower strip tho !   🙂

Family/Friends >>  Yep, got baby #2 happening, and deployed (!).   Lots of fun with Cameron as he’s more active & able to “help” more around garden & so on.   A few dats with Donna in the last month or so before Liam came along (great restaurant in Acland St, Greek in Richmond, and Gold Class for “The Bourne Ultimatum”)

Other >> blogging was a big success, and part of my normal activities (except recent months).  And got new study, PC – but no digital SLR (yet !) – or sailing !

2008 Plans / Goals

Work >>  lots more SharePoint, some exams (!), get more into the user group stuff like MOSSIG.   And have to get back into some more K2 / Underground, don’t want to lose my “Insider” status.   Ensure SDM continues on a safe & true tracking.   Ensure the DWS angle is to my advantage, some career & financial opportunities (potentially).   Rather than mumble & complain, need to think/act positive, and make it the best for me.   Be an infectiously “positive” person.   (and make the most of the new office location in South Yarra    *yay*)

Rest/Play >> again, less TV mode, and watching movies.  Need to get more into some VM’s for K2 & SharePoint (now have a capable PC to do so).   Play some XBox as fun way to relax – and more book reading (novels).  Get more squash games happening, consider joining gym (near new SDM office ?), or cycling to office, or lunch times.

House >> finish back patio area, and get spa working again (only been 4-5 years !)   Get play area for Cameron & Liam in back yard – and vegie garden for Donna to get her Jamie Oliver kitchen/recipes happening.   Complete the mower strip in front yard !

Family/Friends >> more fun with Cameron (will turn 3 in 2008) – and enjoy Liam growing & changing (will turn 1 in 2008).   Try for some “date nights” with Donna – maybe in the new financial year !    Accept that other time with other friends will be lesser & lesser – already is the case.   (try make some time for “mates”)

Other >>  continue blogging for “myself”, get more SharePoint articles posted, outputs from project work/findings, explore more K2 & blog.   Pay some $$ off mortgage this year (less reno’s !) – and, get a digital SLR !

Not much different in some respects – just need to fine-tune my work focus’es, especially with the potential changes afoot – and enjoy my family !   

(the ever important work/life balance)


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