The year that was – 2007

With Christmas upon us (tomorrow), I thought I’d take a look back at 2007, as I’d done in early 2006 (the year that was – 2006).

And will re-visit plans/goals for 2007, and re-assess for 2008 (next post)

It’s nearly a year since “Grumpy Wookie” was born – actually registered on Dec.25th, 2006.   There have been 268 posts – but only 22 in last 3 months (more on WHY in a minute).  Was 57 in January !

I’ve been blogging for over 4 years now – with my first post/s on Radio Userland – I think there were only 10+ posts, and they’ve since disappeared into the ether.

I started up “proper” blogging using Blogger – and have since moved across to WordPress.  

But – the old blog posts are still archivedJuly 2003 is the earliest I could find – with the first post on July 05, 2003

That’s 4.5 years – even longer than Frank Arrigo !  

Although, I know that blurg was blogging prior to me, but no evidence of that – earliest entry being May-2005.

From a glance through, it looks like the general themes were the same ol’ stuff – Microsoft technologies (SharePoint + VS), user groups, K2 + Workflow, music (Nine Inch Nails !), family, and cars – and reports from Tech.Ed !

Also, jumped on board with Twitter (addicted) – and FaceBook (still not so sure).

Anyway, here are some highlights/posts from the year that was 2007 (for Grumpy Wookie) :

And that was just from January !


Tech.Ed 2007 – Gold Coast :

Back to normal (post-Tech-Ed)


K2 + GW

So – there you have it – a very busy year indeed.   *phew*

Life has changed (again) with the arrival of Liam Alexander – Christmas is going to be great with FOUR of us (a family !).   Just not much time left for nerd’ing and blogging.

Times will change (yet again) – and will report more soon (only 5 posts for December – including this one !) :

There are a few items that remain (as yet) “Unblogged” – which deserve some mention, but simply haven’t had time to delve into – or blog about – but will soon !

SP1 for WSS 3.0 and Office SharePoint Server 2007

K2[blackpearl] SP1

K2[blackpearl] SDK

K2 blackmarket

K2 blackmarket was created in order to facilitate project and code sharing in the K2Underground community. Sharing projects and code with other members of the community can greatly enhance the learning experience as well as reduce the learning curve that is inherently part of getting to know new technologies.


3 thoughts on “The year that was – 2007

  1. Thanks to your challenge, I went out and checked my backups. It seems my first true blog post was Feb 03 2003 running on MovableType.

    Before that I have an online diary that used to live on, the earliest I have is a posting from the 28th December 1999 (which seems to be missing about three months of stuff)

    Now if I could just work out how to upload them all to wordpress. 🙂

  2. I don’t believe I can stand up to Blurg’s impressive blogging record, but I decided to do my own looking – my first “real” blog entry was Sept 11th, 2004 (a few days before I started with SDM). However, I’ve had up and running since mid 1999 (earliest date I can find is 20 Aug ’99, but looks like I’ve had it before then)

    Nice roundup for the year as well GW 🙂

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