The way it should’ve been

Recently, I’ve been cursing Optus, and the slow network speed – and wondering how many other folk must be on the same “subnet” area.  

I’d had cable installed a few days after I moved into the house (July 2000) – and just haven’t been bothered to churn and change ISP’s.

Well, there are some “speed test” websites out there :

…and it looked like my internet speed was crap !   (to say the least)


A phone call to technical support at Optus pointed me to a “download test page” that had a 11 MB file.  The guy said it should take 10-20 seconds; well, I was still waiting after 4-5 minutes.

OK – stay calm – Grumpy Wookie getting Grumpier.

He suggested I try connecting the PC directly to the Cable Modem – not via the wireless router.   “Yep, I’ll try it” I snapped – and hung up.

Well – the speed was BLINDINGLY quick – 20x more in fact !   

“IT’S THE FRICKIN’ ROUTER !!”     (I yelled)

I tried updating the firmware, and no change.   *hhmmm*

This is a relatively new router – bought along with my new PC to replace my intermittent and (wireless-ly challenged) DLink DI-624.

Some more searches about – and found articles :

And – the comment that stood out to me was :

Well I am happy to say that it was solved by replacing the WRT54GR with a WRT54GL. So I wasn’t going crazy.

And – so – bought the very same model at lunchtime today – and WOW !

I can’t believe I’ve put up with the “trickle” speed for close to 6 months.   I was getting annoyed at YouTube clips never loading, and difficulties with some downloads, but just plodded away with BitTorrents, and never had the time to poke about and work out the problem.

Anyway – here’s an update :


  • 3 MB file took about 4 seconds – not a minute & a half !
  • 9 MB file took only 12 seconds – not five & a half minutes !


The following chart is the most revealing of all :


Here’s the specific details for the two router models :

NB.  I expect that the (6 month old) WRT54GR router is fine with ADSL – just not so good with “cable” as such.   

Look out for it on eBay soon (or contact me if you want to buy it from me – and we’ll talk $$/bourbon)

Off to re-configure wireless & XBox now.   đŸ™‚

UPDATE : eBay item for sale !


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