Australia’s greenest and healthiest purpose built office building

Currently working next door to the new building for “City Of Melbourne” – which was opened a few months ago.  The first building in Australia to achieve a SIX star energy rating.

Known simply as Council House 2 (CH2) :

CH2 has sustainable technologies incorporated into every conceivable part of its 10 storeys. A water-mining plant in the basement, phase-change materials for cooling, automatic night-purge windows, wavy concrete ceilings, a façade of louvres (powered by photovoltaic cells) that track the sun – even the pot plant holders have involved a whole new way of thinking.

Costing just over $50m :

It is estimated that in 10 years time the sustainability features will have paid for themselves.  Further benefits that could reduce this figure include :

  • healthier staff – less time lost to colds, flu and other illnesses;
  • increased workplace effectiveness;
  • less costs for public domain and infrastructure; and
  • the value of building as a guiding light in sustainable building.

 And – there’s a nice atrium lunch area – on the 10th floor, great view – nice for summer !

Lunch On The Roof (2)


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