Welcome home, Liam

Has been an eventful 13 days – Liam’s nearly two weeks old already !

Mum & bub doing very well, feeding OK – some late night wake-ups (as expected !)  

Cameron’s loving his little brother – not so fond of the loud crying tho.

Here’s some more pic’s of little Liam – and big brother Cameron :

PA270003 - Copy PA270006 - Copy 

PA270020 - Copy PB040010 - Copy 

PA270009 - Copy PB050015 - Copy 


3 thoughts on “Welcome home, Liam

  1. What a beautiful presentation of your son. He is soooooooooo handsome (just like his dad).
    I can see him drinking that green stuff in a year or so.
    Congratulations to Joy for the great delivery. Keep us posted on his progress.
    Congrats to big sister, also.
    Love, Kathy and Ron
    ps that was a lovely video. Did you do it Travis?

  2. Um – think you have a “wrong number” – who is Joy ? It’s Donna who is Mum.

    And – no big sister either ! (and my name is Chris – not Travis…!)

  3. You are right Travis. No doubt about that nose. You guys did great. Much to be proud of. Joy — you are beautiful. Evie — You are going to be a great big sister. Travis you and Joy need a third member of the family in children now so you will have one of each. Soon as I can I will start a college fund for Maverick. I hope he grows up to look just like James Garner.
    Love you all. Hope I can get down to see you soon.

    Love you all

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