My 1st Computer (1993)

Whilst cleaning out the study recently, I found some old paperwork – including the receipt for my first computer !

Have a look (below) – amazing that it was $2,200 – for a 486 – and only had 4 MB of RAM – I’ve now got 4 GB !

Was a GREAT computer (at the time) – bought with $$ from my 21st birthday.



One thought on “My 1st Computer (1993)

  1. Chris, very interesting in that my first (IBM compatible) computer was virtually identical to yours. It was not brand spanking new but it worked perfectly. I bought it from a coworker in August of 1993 for $1600. It had a 486DX 33mhz CPU, a 124MB Maxtor hdd (although compressing it using DOS 6.0 doublespace effectively increased the capacity to somewhere over 200MB). LIke yours, it came with 4MB of RAM, which seemed to be the standard for 1993.

    It contained either a Trident video card or Orchid Farenheidt card. Naturally, this was a 2D only card as 3D cards weren’t even invented yet. Also, the system came with a 15″ VGA CRT monitor and the standard IBM keyboard, and it had a 2400baud internal dial-up modem.

    It’s amazing how computers have advanced over the years. My current system:

    Intel Core I5 750 quad core @2700mhz
    4GB RAM
    500GB Hdd
    Nvidia 1GB GTS-450 3d video card.

    All the best,

    Bob Kaye

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