Go-Live date is near

Has been a busy few weeks, with preparing our home for the arrival of baby #2.   Donna is due in 12 days, although she has a “gut feeling” (!) that the bub will arrive early – even as early as NEXT Monday – 22nd October !

Our house renovations (inside) are essentially complete – this involved the following :

  • New study room (builders & electricians)
  • Paint new room
  • Zip off to Sydney for a one week holiday
  • Crawl under house for network & coax cabling
  • Carpet being laid
  • Paint laundry (plastered over old door hole) + new cabinet
  • Move entire study – assemble new desk & setup computer
  • Plaster holes, sanding of “old study”
  • Paint built-in robes, ceiling & walls of “old study”


That’s where we’re at – was a mad rush to try and get it all complete before baby Toast arrives (that’s Cameron’s name for new one).   

We’re now going to move furniture out of rooms to have the carpets steam-cleaned – and then move furniture back (this week) – and Cameron can sleep in his new bedroom !

Lots to do “outside” now that inside is done – and weather getting better

Some (minor) hassles for Donna with getting the car fixed, after a P-plater was tail-gating too close – and ran into her car.  

AAMI were great – made for a trouble free drop-off, rent-a-car, and pick up after repairs.   Was even washed & vacuumed – very happy with their service.   (Lucky you’re with AAMI)

Donna and I have been out for dinner twice – and movies also – in the last month.   Nice to spend some time together before we’re into the “new born” action.   And good fun for Cameron too – he’s loved playing at Auntie Kath’s house (my sister in South Melbourne – not far from “Daddy’s work”).

Just wanted to comment on how busy life has become – so that I can look back and remember how it wasn’t really that busy – ie. it’s all about to get even more hectic !!

We watched Spiderman-3 last weekend – with one-hour on Friday night – and the rest of the film on Saturday night.    Never thought I’d have to watch a video in two chunks !


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