Busy times – offline

*phew*   What a busy time lately.   I haven’t done much blogging – reading or writing – probably for a month or more (into October now !).

Some bits & bobs about what’s been happening (in the last month) :

Sydney Holiday

Spent a fun week with Donna and Cameron around Sydney – hadn’t done the touristy thing there before.  We decided to go public transport – and not use a car whilst in Sydney.   Got to be hard work with a 2.5 year old, pram and 7 month preggy wife.   

Lots and lots of walking – sight-seeing to Sydney Harbour Bridge, Opera House, ferry to Manly, and Tooronga Zoo.   And had Father’s Day Yum Cha in Chinatown, walked around Darling Harbour.

We were staying in Bondi Beach, small apartment, so had to be quiet once Cameron was asleep in cot – we had just one room, with separate ensuite.

So – did lots of reading.   Finished a book in 4 days, that a friend had given for my birthday about 18 months prior.  

SCAR TISSUE – by Anthony Kiedis, from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.   Some amazing stories about his drug-riddled past, and crazy activities.   Sex, drugs and rock-n-roll, indeed !

And bought another book – and got thru half of that one too !

THE BOURNE BETRAYAL – another sequel for Jason Bourne (Bourne Identity).  Different author this time – using the character established by Robert Ludlum.  Great cloak-and-dagger stuff, must’ve inherited my love of spy stories from my dad.

Back From Sydney

Was straight back into some full-on work @ SDM after Sydney, re-installed laptop with Vista, so had to get that configured & running.   And only just now getting back on to reading/writing blogs (had a few weeks “off”).

Considered a few blog readers, after some bad experiences with MS-Outlook and Internet Explorer.  Tried out GreatNews for a bit before my PC was Vista’ed, and have now adopted Google Reader, as my default aggregator.   Only just getting back on top of posts, so might try out Google Gears (to enable offline reading) – or re-try GreatNews.

Some support for a K2.NET 2003 project, and then getting across a new SharePoint project, for a WCM publishing site (web content management).   Getting around some curly requirements, learning more and more about SharePoint, and a hand-off from CodeJedi before he left for Microsoft.   Been some brain-strain, for sure.

And – had a great performance review, with a nice $$ reward (bonus) – the best bonus I’ve ever had in my career !    Probably the best job I’ve had in my career too – which is nice.  And coming up to 10/10 (10th October) – will mark 2 years with SDM – moving into 2nd place the in “duration” stakes – only behind Upstream Software (4 years).

Renovations – Fixing The Nest

Lots on the home front, following new study room being built.   Had to finish painting before carpet was to be laid, and under the house (6 times !) to run cabling.  Moving furniture, and lots of junk from (old) study into the garage (or bin) – and getting ready to paint for Cameron’s new bedroom.

Found some old (cool) nerdy junk in the study, including some Commodore-64 manuals, and the receipt for my first PC in 1993.  

Will scan the details – kinda retro/funny to see.  

And receipt for my original PlayStation in 1996 – spent about $600 !

Had to re-jig shelves & storage in the garage too – some less-used stuff put under the house (old pickets for fence).  And set up a “pool room” of sorts – with Colin McRae poster in “tha shed” – only place I can put it now !

Also, the new study room meant there was also the “hole” in the laundry, where the door went outside.  So – painted that up, and new wall cabinet – more storage & all.

Baby #2 is due “this month” !!    So, we’ll have to get cracking on the last step, which is to paint the old study – and then Cameron can jump into the new “big boys’ bed” – and have his own bedroom.  

We’re all excited about new arrival – although Donna’s getting nervous about “birth”.  Cameron has been naming the new arrival “toast” – I can assure you that’s NOT the name we’re going to use !!    🙂

Outside, Will

Another busy activity was the selling of some old RAM chips on eBay – had nearly 15 in total.   Spent 1/2 hour or so here and there with banking, and addressing, post office, etc.

The funds raised were used to create a farewell T-Shirt for William Cornwill, who has now left SDM – and started at Microsoft.   As you’d expect – he’s blogged about it.

Parting gift from SDM

That meant the preparing of logo’s, printing onto transfer paper, and then ironing on the shirts – all 10 of them (double-sided too !)

Assuming there is a next time, I’m gonna get blurg, and Butty-gee-egg to help !

Breakfast seminars for K2[blackpearll]

As if that’s not enough, I’ve just completed a roadshow about K2[blackpearl] – hitting Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Adelaide.   Lots of travel, and in-and-out of hotels, but been some good feedback and discussions from attendees, hopefully a few more K2 projects to hit SDM.

Will blog more in depth about these sessions @ devk2.net

Next ?

Starting a three-day training course for K2[blackpearl] today – going to be great to learn some in-depth bits & hand-on experience with the product.   But – will have to get through some more about the SharePoint WCM project also – can’t really afford three days off !

T I M E – the ultimate 4-letter word.    If time=money, then I’m bankrupt !


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