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First there was Clippy, then Microsoft Bob – and next is [Microsoft Will]

Some sad but exciting news – with William Cornwill announcing he’s leaving SDM.   He’s leaving for Technology Specialist @ Microsoft !

Will was the “technical” interviewer when I was recruited for SDM, about 2 years ago.   I’ve worked on a few projects together – mainly the www.primus.com.au website, using Microsoft Content Management Server (MCMS) – and again at City Of Melbourne.

He’s a wealth of knowledge within the SharePoint universe – good that we’ll still be able to catch up & chat, he’s just “jumping the fence” – not moving to a competitor or anything.   It’ll be his turn to take *us* out for coffee !

I won’t miss his bad jokes (time for the dentist ?   2.30 ?    tooth-hurty ?) – or the ease of distraction & work-dodging conversations with Will (and the go-away chant of “Upstairs, Will”).

But – for the same reasons, we’ll miss him.   A great work colleague, with a fun but daggy sense of humour – and he knows a few things about I.T. as well !

Good luck CJ – go get ’em, tiger !

CodeJedi is moving on…


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