MOSSIG Meeting – slide-deck

Following on from the sessions @ MOSSIG the other day, the slides have been posted on the MOSSIG site.   Anyway – there are TWO from the other night :

These a few other prezzo’s and code to look at – click here for the entire list :

MOSSIG Archive

Just have to ignore the permission and security prompts when attempting to open these files – just click cancel (twice !)

Once the site is re-organised, it will be a little easier to browse through previous files/uploads.  

Would be good to have the ability to sort/search by “meeting date” – it’s a bit tricky to see which files are from what session – can’t even see the “date” uploaded – or correlating meeting date.  

Can sort by name – maybe they need to have names like “YYYYMMDD – Topic” – and can then sort easily.



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