WTF Outlook RSS !

I use the Outlook RSS reader functionality, with lots of feeds that update daily.  For some strange reason, posts are now appearing in the wrong folders – and (sometimes) from seemingly random blogs that I’ve never visited.

There’s a few that magically re-point to a different folder within Outlook – aaarrrggghhhh.

Even Microsoft’ies don’t use the Outlook RSS function – they use SharpReader, from what I’ve heard.

When is a Service Pack due for Office 2007 ??   

RSS in Outlook is a great concept, and easy to use, right at my finger-tips – as I live in Outlook – but it’s just screwed – buggy beyond belief !

Maybe time to go with SharpReader after my laptop is re-built within Windows Vista.


2 thoughts on “WTF Outlook RSS !

  1. I love Outlook 2007, but agree the RSS functionality is borked.

    It lost me when overnight a heap of my feeds just stopped updating. I am pretty sure that it has something to do with IE7 and it’s RSS platform components and Outlook.

    I have gone over to the darkside, to google reader which I love. It even does offline via gears if you are adventurous.

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