Otherwise known as the Worldwide Organisation for Men Exhibiting Nanciness.   There have been some TV commercials, describing an unfortunate afflication known as “man cans” syndrome.   Supposedly, men who cry in a girlie movie (chick flick) – or can’t drive a manual-shift car – or use corn-forks to eat a corn cob at a BBQ – are considered as having “man-cans”.

Not to be mistaken with any other rare physical, genetic or hormonal disorders, Man Cans are the sudden onset of unwanted unmanly physical appendages.

Think of them as a warning sign, a way of knowing it’s time to stop acting like a Nancy boy and act like a real man.

There are the following websites already created :


Man Can Do

Celebrity Man Tape

Bra Bro

And – if you sign up a friend – he’ll get an email like this…>

Hi <name>,

Your friend, <name> reckons you should visit mancans.com.au

Now, I’m not assuming you have Man Cans – that would be insulting. I’m just saying that if you’ve been acting a little soft recently (maybe you’ve taken to wearing a jumper tied around your neck, for example) then you may have a problem. Or a pair of them, as the case may be.

And even if you haven’t developed a sudden pair of Man Cans, you can never be too careful.
Remember, we’re here to help. So visit today.


John Perry
Chairman, Worldwide Organisation for Men Exhibiting Nanciness

PS Click here to receive email updates from us in the future.

Not sure what this is all about – perhaps an advert for men’s deodorant – or VB (not Visual Basic – but Victoria Bitter) – or FHM magazine.

Who knows – another one of those viral marketing adverts – we’ll just have to wait and see.

All will be revealed on September 2nd.


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