Tech.Ed over, and home again

Was a great ending to the Tech.Ed conference, although there weren’t many sessions on the Friday that I’d attended (just three – including the third K2 overview session).

Have uploaded some pics from our time @ Tech.Ed 2007 – click here to have a look (Flickr).

I spent some time with the K2 guys, and chatted to some more folk like Mike Fitzmaurice and Frank Arrigo.   For those that weren’t aware, this was Frank’s last activity within the “Australian” arm of the Developer Platform Evangelism (DPE) team.  

I’ve really only him 3-4 times, but he’s a kinda Scoble-ish character down under.   With endless passion for Microsoft & developers in general, and always has people lining up to chat to him – like some kind of rock star !

There were lots of send-off and words spoken about Frank – including the “Bye, Bye Mr. Developer Guy” song – could hear it from the K2 session, and was wondering what they were singing !

DPE & delegates singing bye bye Mr Developer Guy video

Frank said a few words at the closing out session (LockNote), mentioning how good it had been to meet up with folk (networking) – and other developers, bloggers & all – he even mentioned Grumpy Wookie.   🙂


And, there was a bunch of custom made T-Shirts worn by his team @ the closing LockNote – click here to see a photo of the T-Shirt they made up – I was able to nab one myself !   

(and so did another SDM’er who can be seen in the video too !)

On the back of the shirt was a caricature of Frank – with the URL of a new “website” as a gift to him :


This site is a text’y wiki site – with people asked to contribute, and leave some comments/pages/messages.   Go check it out !

Aside from the Frank-love @ the closing event, the Tech.Ed conference had a BIG prize draw with $20,000 of goodies – and it was won by an ex-SDM’er – Alan Coulter !   

He’s a lucky bugger – he won a laptop at the recent Sharepoint APAC conference in Sydney !    Seems like he really has an MS-Advantage !    (well done, mate !)

The SDM gang then wandered off to a taxi-bus, and all piled in for the trip to the airport.   The cab driver was a chatter-box, and he was a golf instructor by day, and told us of some celebrity encounters – with Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake, Samuel L. Jackson and Kevin Costner – and that he did lessons for “Raymond” from the Everyone Loves Raymond show – but didn’t actually recognize him !

Addam said he had a blog/website – and sure enough ! has a lot of articles & so forth about the golf world in general.    Made for a fun cab ride anyways.

The plane ride was a battle ground for the SDM lads – playing Mario Kart on the Nintendo-DS.   Winner stays on, wireless competition – lots of fun.

Just been hanging out @ home today – and enjoying some time with family – and cleaning up outside / getting ready for the house extension – new study room starts construction on MONDAY !


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