Grabbed a packed taxi bus with the K2 guys to MovieWorld (to beat the big queue from the Convention Centre) – and immediately onto the Batman Batwing Supershot ride.   This is a “launch” style ride – vertically upwards, before a few seconds of weightless-ness, and then gravity “sucks” to bring you back down – with more G-Force than a Space Shuttle launch !   Just a great feeling – went on this ride twice in the night.

Next – was a big queue for the Superman Escape ride – 50 minutes !    Jeez.    Lots of chatting to olther queue’rs – and jokes too – MSMQ was the favourite.   🙂

But – what a great ride !   0-100 km/h in TWO seconds – hitting 4 G’s – along a track that curves vertically UP – and then over-the-crest – and vertically back DOWN !     Hurt my throat screaming on that one – was great fun !

There were lots of roving performers – got some great photos with Obi-Wan, Leia, Darth Vader, StormTrooper and Matrix (Neo) – it was a Sci-Fi theme in case you hadn’t guessed !   

Complete with smoke, and swirling “stargate” at the entrance to MovieWorld, and the War-Of-The-Worlds music playing over stereo.

Lots of photos – will upload to Flickr soon.

Good party – although only went on three rides (Superman + Batman twice) – and closed up about 10 pm.  

So – back to a bar in Surfers Paradise.

We plonked ourselves @ Shooters Bar – so a few SDM’ers had to sample the local produce.    HR manager (Vashti) and Dev Lead (Andrew) had a cowboy race – with FIVE shooters one after another.    Was a $90 round for all 10 shots !    But – if that wasn’t enough – they had another FIVE (re-match – she won the first, and he won the second round).

And then two B-52’s each.   I grabbed a few  bourbons and then thought I’d up the ante with a Long Island Iced Tea.   🙂    A bunch of us tumbled out in the street, and the lads dragged Vashti & Tech.Elaine into a strip club !    Free entry for the girls – but $10 for the lads – how’s THAT for discrimination !!

Couldn’t be bothered with it all – had enough by then (nearly 1 am) – so used my $10 to grab a souvlaki – and wandered back to the hotel.  Was about 1.30 am when I crawled into bed.

Haven’t seen Andrew @ the convention centre (yet) – was 4.30 am when he arrived home.    Nearly 9.30 am now – maybe he’s made it here for morning tea.

Any SDM’ers who remember the Away Days performance – was similar – but he didn’t repeat his final efforts – and I think he will suffer probably MORE because of it !    🙂

Session on VB+LINQ finished – I barely listened, just blogged.    *eek*     Time to go catch up with some folk – and then “branding for Sharepoint” – will definitely listen to that one !


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