Day 2 – slow start

Was a great meet-and-greet networking event last night at the Onyx bar in Broadbeach, for K2’s Underground party.  Lots of drinks, more drinks – and some “shooters” – black & green was the order of the day.   Tasted like listerine / toothpaste !

Great to meet up & chat with Nick Kellett from Planet Moss – and Alan Coulter from MS-Advantage – as well as some K2 prospects & other dev’ers.  

And – had to re-tell the “Paris” story when asked by the HR manager – “so, I heard you had a dream”…?!?      *laugh*    

I had stupidly relayed to workmates that I’d had a dream one night about the dev.lead on my project – with he and I in Paris, taking photos @ the Eiffel tower.   

Even my wife said “why did you tell them – you shoulda known better !”

And – our office admin booked a “share” room for Tech.Ed – saying “it’ll be just like Paris”.

I think this tale will only get worse, before it goes away…    

Oh well – good to have a laugh.

More drinks, and the midnight pumpkin was looming – so a few of us trekked off to the beach, and walked home along the sand, splashing in the water – was a nice night to be out.

Had a mini-hangover this morning, had a quick shower, then sat on the balcony watching the sun come up over the ocean, behind the clouds.   Been a while since I’ve sat and day-dreamed for 15 minutes, not too many thoughts – just a bit about yesterday sessions – and what to expect today.

Here’s what’s in store for me today :

  • Software + Services – Microsoft’s vision for SOA, SaaS and Web 2.0 – was a big buzz from the World Partner Conference, will be good to hear more
  • Enterprise Library 3.1
  • .NET 3.0 – end-to-end
  • K2 Modelling Black Pearl & Visio
  • Integrating LOB apps into Sharepoint w/ BDC

And some booth time @ SDM and K2 stands – and then the MovieWorld party event tonight.   *phew*

Better go grab a coffee – and get the day started !


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