Was an easy trip up to Queensland yesterday, did some PDF read/review of some new K2[blackpearl] training materials, before bundling into a LIMO – with 5 other nerdo’s.    Got some funny looks, but good-for-a-laugh.   Photos to be Flickr’ed later.

After check-in, went over to the Gold Coast Convention Centre – decent size venue, lots of people – 2400 delegates in all.    The trade-hall was probably about 1/3 of Jeff’s shed, big enough, with lots of exhibitors.

There wasn’t as much free swag & “freebies” as first thought – no yet at least.   Scored some pens, squishy toys, etc.   And there’s the passport stamp-ede competition that I completed on the first night (get your booklet stamped by 30 different exhibitors).

Spent some time @ the SDM booth, and met up with some new SDM’ers – one guy starting next week !    I did the share-the-love task of telling attendees about joining SDM, etc – and stamping passports.   Was kinda fun actually – made me think a bit about why I like the company and my job as a whole.

Quick pass by the K2 stand, and picked up T-shirts, before back to hotel.  Some of the other nerdo’s went out for refreshments, but I had a killer migraine and curled up in bed about 10.30.

Today – keynote – was a guy from Animal Logic (animation & CG house) – with videos clips and break-downs of the special effects behind 300, Happy Feet, Matrix – and the Carlton Draught “it’s a big ad” commercial.    Not exactly developer focussed – but very cool session.   Interesting stats too – like 100 TB of storage – and 100,000 render hours per day !

Some of the similarities to the DEV industry include their agile approach to a project, and the need to implement methodologies & be reactive – as well as demanding client needs/wants vs. time & budget ! 

A few laughs from a “Happy Feet” vs “300” clip – late-night animation merged to produce a penguin squished into a ball of blood – by a rolling snowball…

Just finished up at Tony Goodhew’s session about Visual Studio 2008 – some great new features, had heard/seen about a few of them – but here’s a few I liked :

  • .NET Framework targetting – can use VS28 to do an app for FW 2.0, 3.0 or 3.5 – with features enabled/disabled accordingly, including “add references” being greyed out if not available
  • Link to check out –
  • Cool new CSS designer & flyout windows (toolbars)
  • LINQ – language integrated query – still not 100% understanding of that – concepts only – more to come I guess
  • AJAX fully integrated – no big news, been using for a while now – but good to have it “built-in”
  • ditto – for WPF, WCF and WF – and VSTO
  • Client Application Services seems neat – a centralised store for user preferences.   Comment from dude beside saying – couldn’t you put that into Active Directory ?     (maybe)

Off for morning tea, then meet, greet, discuss & stamp-ede at the K2 stand.     Cheerio.


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