More Tech’ish stuff

Was great to spend some time @ the K2 booth today, talking with the other developers & rep’s – some names-to-faces sorta stuff.   Anthony Petro arrived from the airport after his trip from the U.S. – was good to meet one of the main forces behind the development of Black Pearl.

He has a new Apple iPhone – had a quick try, very cool interface, and nice usage.  I went to have a look at the iPod mode, and discovered music by Coal Chamber, Staic-X, Pantera, Sepultura, System of A Down, MachineHead and SLAYER !  

I think we’re gonna be goood friends…    🙂

Stopped by for the “bloggers lunch” – good open forum/discussion about Web 2.0 – and the social networking stuff around Twitter, blogging, FaceBook, etc.   Had to race off for the K2 session next (!) 

The K2 cabana session was filled to the brim, they should’ve been re-located to another room.   Quick coverage of the Sharepoint designer, and how to export to re-edit in Visual Studio.   Hopefully some impressed folk amongst the attendee’s.

Went along to a Windows Workflow Foundation session – and remembered why I like K2 so much.   The presenter showed a brief designer view – and then the rest was all code.   Hard to follow, and made me dozey – so off for a coffee, and more “free willy” swag grabbing.

Just finished up a session with Visual Studio 2008 and WCF, some neat new features (another one from Tony Goodhew).   Was good to see the “test harness” app for WCF – kinda like when you create a Web Service (asmx) – and can run it immediately to test/debug.   The WCF Test Client is new to VS-2008.   Same with the “WCF Configuration Manager” – just have to right-click on the app.config, and a GUI editor – rather than setting endpoints, service, host & so on within the XML file.

Another great feature I’ve noticed is the split view within the ASPX designer – can see the “HTML” view and GUI view at the same time, with a horizontal split – like Dreamweaver has had for a while.

Next up, a quick coffee stop, and then to a Sliverlight + ASP.NET session.    *phew*

Tech.Ed 2007 has been an whirlwind already – and not even 1/3 of the way !

P.S.   SDM readers – yes, got some swag & sh1t for you lads.


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