Shall we play a game ?

Stumbled across an online multiplayer game that is a business educational learning tool – you can learn to become a Murdoch or Packer :

Create and manage your own Corporation in a virtual Economy

Maybe it’s time for Grumpy Wookie Incorporated :

IndustryPlayer participants undertake an entrepreneurial start-up, develop a portfolio of up to 5 companies and manage these investments for the benefit of all stakeholders.

The simulation is based on real world economic models and features a total 237 industries (16 sectors).

To create more value (equity) and ROE (Return on equity) than all other participants.

Students play individually or in teams. Single participants take the role of the CEO. Typical team roles are CEO, CFO and COO.

Sorry – not available on XBox-360 or PlayStation 3.   Not like the game kiddies would be interested in anything like corporate take-overs or financial investment strategies !

You can even choose a business “sector” to operate as – including Automotive, Beverage, Textile, Machiney, Applications, Agriculture – the list goes on.

Truly a great learning tool – business education – for students hoping to become  the future kings (and queens) of Wall St.  

Where can I sign up Cameron ?!?    🙂

IndustryPlayer – Business Simulation Game


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