Forget the captain’s lounge – here’s the BABY lounge

Acknowledging that travelling with infants can be a strain on both parents and children, Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport just opened Schiphol Babycare Lounge by Nutricia.

Located in the airport’s main departure terminal, the lounge is (as the name indicates) a co-branding effort by Schiphol and Nutricia, a Dutch baby food brand.

The lounge is serenely stylish and geared to ensuring a baby’s well-being while en route.

The 90 m2 area features seven circular ‘cabins’, each of which can be closed off with sheer curtains to create a personal zone.  The booths have comfortable circular seating curving around a crib.

Lights in the lounge are dimmed for sleeping babies, with individual reading lights for parents. For infants that need a bit of distraction, each booth has a gadget that projects coloured lights on the ceiling, just above the crib.

Other facilities include a changing area, baby baths and a microwave for heating food.

The space is open daily from 6 am to 10 pm, accessible free of charge to parents and children aged 0–3.

In the hectic airport environment, the Babycare Lounge is a haven of peace and quiet where parents can get their breath back while their babies are comfortably asleep or playing.

Babycare Lounge


Only problem – I think Cameron will be much older than THREE by the time we ever get to Europe…!

Source : Springwise


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