GUNS N’ ROSES – Appetite For Destruction – 20 years old !

Jeez – now I feel old.   Appetite For Destruction (Guns & Roses) – is having it’s 20th anniversary.

Rolling Stone magazine will honor the twentieth anniversary of “Appetite for Destruction” by looking back at the sex, drugs and Aqua Net that went into the making of GUNS N’ ROSES‘ legendary debut.

Check out the cover of the magazine’s next issue at


I can still remember buying it “on cassette” – after hearing the classic “Welcome To The Jungle”.   This was before “Sweet Child O’ Mine” was even released !

I was in mid-late Year 11, and discovering more and more heavy music by the day.   And, while singing along to “Paradise City” waiting for a teacher to arrive in class, I made a new rock buddy friend.  

Ivahn and I swapped cassettes with progressively heavier music – Poison, Warrant and Motley Crue initially – and then Metallica, Anthrax, Sepultura and so on.

I haven’t seen Ivahn for many years – we went to sooo many shows.   Scatterbrain was a memorable one – and the listening party for the launch of the new “Love/Hate” album – Wasted In America.

Ahhh – the L.A. metal scene.   It was massive for about 5 years – soon to give way to the “Seattle” scene – Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Mudhoney.

And it was Appetite For Destruction that started it all.    Might go have another listen NOW !


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