What would YOU ask ?

The infamous WHO magazine is having an interview with Shannon Noll (famous for being on a TV show, and being able to sing a bit).

And :

We’re interviewing Shannon Noll and we’ve decided to let WHO readers ask the questions!

Submit yours now…

Ask Shannon Noll A Question

So many questions – where to begin ?!?

  • Have you given any thought to when you are going to retire ?
  • Would you have become a celebrity if it wasn’t for a TV show catering to teenagers ?
  • Isn’t Shannon a girl’s name ?
  • Is it true that there was “action” backstage @ Australian Idol – with Guy Sebastian ?
  • Have you ever tried Crystal Meth ?     Do you want to ?   

*shrug*     Feeling a bit more like cynical wookie this morning…     Signing off…


3 thoughts on “What would YOU ask ?

  1. Here are your answers to your childish questions

    – Shannon won’t be retiring too soon, he has another #1 album coming up, why would you retire when you are so popular

    – Probably wouldn’t have become a celebrity because as you know you need that bit of luck to get your music out there

    – Shannon is a boys name and a girls name

    – No not true about the action back stage with Guy, that was actually Guy and Anthony Callea

    – Nope haven’t tried it and probably won’t, Shannon’s career is going great guns, even with wankers like you who try to bring him down at every turn.

  2. hey Shannon, here’s my question… why are you lowering yourself by having anything to do with a rag like WHO and it’s tasteless readers? cmon “WHO” surprise us and let this comment slip thru ;}

  3. I hope you all realise I wasn’t serious !

    Good to ruffle some feathers & get a reaction tho’.

    Might indulge in a bit of Lleyton bashing next time – if I’m having a sh1t day.

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