Tech.Ed 2007

Only 2 weeks until we fly off to convert Surfers Paradise into Nerders Paradise.

I’m greatly looking forward to the Tech.Ed Australia conference, having never been before – and been wanting to go for almost 10 years (since I joined the Microsoft hordes).

The old Dev.Days conferences in the late-90’s were great for information & overview of new technologies.   I remember seeing ISAPI filters – and having to code using C++ to create dynamic HTML.   This was before ASP – not even ASP.NET.   And back when COM+ was called “Microsoft Transaction Server”.

The conference will have a lot of new information – looking forward to sessions about Workflow, Visual Studio 2008, SIlverlight – and Sharepoint. 

I’ll be there with some SDM buddies, and hanging out at the K2.NET stall – following the launch of BlackPearl !     

…just look for the nerd wearing the Grumpy Wookie cap !

When checking out the Tech.Ed site, there’s a link to Virtual Earth (or more specifically Live Search Maps).    Virtual Earth rocks !

There’s a pushpin for the Gold Coast Convention Centre – I thought I’d add to the “collection” with my own pushpin, for Legends Hotel.   

Just had to Save the collection, and then Share it – click here to see.  


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