Black pixels are the new green

When your screen is white – such as with an empty page in Microsoft Word, or the Google search page – your computer consumes 74 watts, and when its black it consumes only 59 watts.

Really ?   Is that true ?    That sounds a bot far-fatched, eh ?

< checks calendar for April 1st >

Apparently – it’s actually NOT a scam, or scare tactic.   *shrug*

Take at look at Google, who gets about 200 million queries a day. Let’s assume each query is displayed for about 10 seconds; that means Google is running for about 550,000 hours every day on some desktop.

Assuming that users run Google in full screen mode, the shift to a black background will save a total of 15 (74-59) watts.

That turns into a global savings of 8.3 Megawatt-hours per day, or about 3000 Megawatt-hours a year.

Black Google Would Save 750 Megawatt-hours a Year

OK – sounds interesting enough.  

Go ahead and try the new Blackle search engine for yourself – it might just save the planet (?!!?) – Saving energy one search at a time”.


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