I am the Stig

For those who enjoy the BBC tv show Top Gear, just a reminder that it’s back on SBS from tonight.   These shows are from Season 8, and were aired from May-2006.   Technically, they’re “new episodes” – as they haven’t been on Aussie TV as yet.

Cameron has had to make-do with “Myth-Busters” on a Monday night – he’ll be pleased to see Top Gear again.

Lately, he’s been calling himself “The Stig” – and racing his car, pram and digger around the house “track” – and comparing his lap times.  

Donna said that he wouldn’t get into the car last week, until she “announced” him :

Some say that he loves to eat chocolate…

…and some say that his real name is actually Cameron !

All we know is…    He’s called THE STIG !!

We’ll have to put some pennies and pence away, to buy him a special T-Shirt for Christmas – check this out !

I am the Stig (junior version)


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