Old friends from K2/SDM newsletter

Following on from the recent announcement regarding K2 Insider, the marketing dudes @ SDM have been keen to include an article in their mailout newsletter.

This month, there is an article entitled “Insider Knowledge Helps give SDM the Edge“, mentioning my recent award, and some comments I made to our marketing manager (phone “interview”).

A few days later, I an email from a previous client contact who I’d worked with for almost 6 months.  This was about 8 years ago – was a bit of a blast-from-the-past.

Even more amazing, an email from another work colleague who I’d worked with for FOUR years !  

I began my VB3 development with Upstream Software, and became good mates with my boss (Sean), as we evolved from VB3 and Access – then through VB4 and Delphi, to discovering ASP and SQL Server, COM and VB6.   We even played in a basketball team together – had some fun times from Nov-1995 till Nov-1999. 

Upstream Software was a small business “start-up” with me as one of the first employees – I actually had the dubious honour of being the person who named the company – after the level in a PlayStation game I’d been playing the night before (Crash Bandicoot) !

I’d lost contact with him after about mid-2000, when I’d changed jobs, and he had some domestic problems which eventually sent Upstream to go “down stream”.   Anyway – was nice to touch-base with Sean (& Steve) – small world, eh ?   

Thanks to K2 and SDM – otherwise I wouldn’t have made the connection !


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