We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo

Easier to say than “we’re going to the sanctuary, sanctuary, sanctuary…”

Yesterday morning, we took the family for a trek (drive) through the fog to the Healesville Sanctuary, past Lilydale.   It was icy cold when we arrived, about 6 degrees @ 10 am – but a lovely day following.  This was a family day out for Donna’s mum’s birthday – there was 7 adults, and 5 kids for the “big day out”.

One of the highlights was the bird show, with owls, falcons & eagles.   Cameron was excited by the kangaroo’s and wallabies – firstly patting them, then bouncing to imitate.

Another part of the sanctuary is the Australian Wildlife Health Centre which is an operating veterinary hospital, with a number of kiosk screens and information booths.

One screen was showing a list of “current patients” – like this online version. 

But, when pressing one of the buttons, a .NET error appeared !!!   

Donna was laughing at me as I took a photo :

IMG_3550  IMG_3549


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