Poseidon Undersea Resort

A futuristic hotel-of-tomorrow is being constructed in Fiji – UNDER WATER !

Accessible by elevator, and nestled in the crystal clear waters of a 5,000 acre Fijian lagoon, Poseidon Undersea Resort is the world’s first seafloor resort and the only place you can spend the night 40 feet underwater…

Who knows what it will CO$T – but will be the ultimate honey-moon destination.  

Open for business from 2009 – with bookings starting in September 2007.

Updated : Cost will be $ 30,000 USD for a week – which includes 2 nights undersea, and 4 nights in luxury villa – includes all meals though !!    And get to drive a mini-sub, and ocean floor walk.   Sounds like a “bargain” !!

Or – can have a corporate event, and book out the entire resort – for $ 3,000,000 USD for seven days/six nights.    Maybe the SDM Away Days in 2010 ?!?


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